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Keyword Rank Tracker

Keyword Rank Tracker

A one stop shop for tracking all your keywords

SerpTrack.io has the features SEO professionals need

30 Day Free Trial

30 Day Free Trial

Try SerpTrack.io Free for a month to determine if it’s the right rank tracking tool for your needs.

Custom Rank Tracking

Custom Rank Tracking

Arrange and organize URLs by folder, arrange keywords tracked by rank position, search volume and more.

Mobile Rank Tracking

Mobile Rank Tracking

Monitor Mobile and desktop rankings in the search engine.

Google Map Rank Tracking

Maps Rank Tracking

Track changes to keyword rankings in Google Maps.

Tracking Keywords is a super simple process with SerpTrack.

Competitor Analysis

Competition Rank Tracking

Know where the competition ranks for side by side comparisons.

Local Keyword Tracking

Local Keyword Tracking

Using Geo Based Keywords, you’ll get accurate Local Search Engine Rankings

Professional Reporting

Professional Reports

Create Sharable Reports Fast for clients, including the ability to automate and schedule reports.

White Label

White Label / Custom Branding

Available on all price levels except Bronze.

Internet Search Volume

Accurate Search Volume

Monthly search volume data is displayed with each keyword tracked.

SerpTrack saves me time and money!

SerpTrack was designed by SEO professionals

Agency Dashboard

Many features for agencies

Group keywords, send scheduled reports with your agency logo (all plans except Bronze), add sub-users so your clients can see only their rankings, and more! The last SEO rank tracker your agency will ever need. Sign up now and see for yourself!